Thar she blows

from the Gisborne Herald – Sat 14th Nov 2015

Wa165 is now central to attracting cruise ship visits.

The steam train carried excited young passengers and adults to Muriwai and back yesterday in a trial run

preparing for an influx of cruise ship visitors and other potential rail travellers from next week.

Another trip was made today, reserved for volunteers, sponsors and businesses that have helped to get

the train back on track. Firing up the historic locomotive again and taking her down the line was a special

moment for the skilled volunteer army who are continuing the work on Wa165 and her carriages begun by a

dedicated crew back in the 1980’s with the aim of creating something special.

Wa165 is now a central figure in our tourism profile, a key feature for attracting cruise ships visits. She is

pictured as it rumbled across the Waipaoa bridge during the tail end of the southerly weather yesterday.



Gisborne Herald” also reported today with resumption of cruise ship visits to Gisborne this Wednesday 18th,

will see nine “Golden Princess” ship visits, along with one “Sea Princess” and one “Marina” ship visit each, and

two visits by the smaller “Coral Discoverer” this summer season. Wa165 will operate two trips on those days.


Footnote:   Interestingly, Tv1 “Seven Sharp” programme last evening had a good news story about Wa165 steam

train and Gisborne-Muriwai section of railway line being back in operation by Gisborne City Vintage Railway.



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