Slide Show Presentation.

Thank you to the Gisborne Rail Action Group for this Power Point presentation on the economic opportunities that a revived rail infrastructure might have for the region.




  1. A well set up website. I just hope that you succeed in this venture. I’m astonished that the Govt.has all but rejected this line, this will be a boost for the region if you can get this project off the ground, and with some good marketing this will be a goer. I wish you all the best and if I can help in some way, please let me know. Kind Regards Don Spicer.

  2. Good luck with your very worthwhile campaign.
    Rail is the obvious answer for heavy bulk freight transport and it is crazy that the rail network is being side lined given the obvious bulk tonnage that will need to be carried in the future.
    I hope that you will continue to persevere with the reopening of the East Coast Line – I believe that you will eventually have success in persuading Kiwi Rail and/ or the political masters of the obvious relevance of this form of transport.

  3. I recently walked up the line from just over the Esk River though the second tunnel for 10 km. Must say the line looked in good condition through this part with no slips and track / sleepers in good condition, nothing a ballast machine cant fix. Next walk is from top of Ellis Wallace Road through to Waikoau. Something I notices were yellow tags attached to the sleepers at reguler intervals. Not sure if this is some form of survey.

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