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This line is a strategic link from Port of Napier to Wairoa and Gisborne for both timber and produce for export markets as well as general goods.

This asset should not be lost to the Hawke’s Bay region, as once pulled up, it will never be replaced.

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  1. This scenic rail line has Cruise Liner potential with Heritage Steam Locomotives and passenger trains, operating from the Port of Napier, as well as retention of the Gisborne City Vintage Rail operation.

  2. Congratulations Team – we here in Gisborne so look forward to seeing your First Train arrive back in Gisborne – is a “Cab Pass” possible!!!!

  3. As a born and bred Napier person who started my working life at Loco in Napier in 1956 since shifted and living in Auckland I have supported the various groups and travelled on most of the Excursions to the Sunshine Coast.
    The Napier Gisborne Railway venture should go ahead for the benifits that would accrue for the freight users, locals, potential tourists and railfans alike who will flock back once the line reopens. It is able to support the heaviest loco’s steam and Diesel so get on with it.
    Hopefully the new Transport Minister has a better ear than the previous one.
    The group who have put their money into a railway that used to run deserve all the help and lobbying from all qaurters to get the trains running again on one the most scenic and exciting rail corridors on this planet. Where else apart from one other location can you see the worlds curvature with the rising sun.
    I have said it before take a trainload of tourists from a cruise ship out of Napier ahead to Beach loop and watch their liner rise up from the horizon wow what a sight.
    Well done Grant Craig putting your support behind the group your railway speaks for itself.
    “All aboard and right of way to the NGR Railway that even has a ring to it”

  4. This rail line must be kept open as it forms another basic transport link to a provincial centre. Bottom line accounting ignores the vital role that these links have in sustaining growth and business opportunities in provincial centres. Road cannot replace rail any more than rail can replace road. However losing the rail link will create traffic and road condition issues that the tax payer will end up funding – and those costs won’t be the few million we are talking about to keep the line open – they will be in the hundreds of millions.

    One fatal road crash has been costed for the purposes of determining the value of specific road improvements to society – a few years back the cost was set at $6million I don’t know what it is now but I am sure it is considerably higher. On this basis alone it could be argued that one fatal crash on the Napier-Gisborne Road as a result of increased truck movements will generate a negative whole cost. (and this does not account for the personal anguish caused in a community)

    Once a rail link like this is lost it is almost impossible to bring it back.

  5. It is imperative that this line is saved and used for Freight and Passenger Excursions, This line traverses some of the most scenic views in the country, and also for Freight Traffic to alleviate the constant pressure of heavy Trucks on a very difficult road. to build a rail link here today would cost Billions, We have it already in place, and for a small amount on money in comparison, to get it up and running, it would be very short sighted not to take advantage of this dedicated group who are willing to do the hard yards and get this sorted.

  6. To the team at NGR,
    Just to let you know that I support all the work you have done so far in trying to get the Napier to Gisborne rail line back in business. As a matter of interest in June this year I am flying to Adelaide then by bus to Darwin with stops on the way so I can ride on The Ghan from Darwin to Adelaide. The train trip is not cheap at NZD $2370 (Gold Service) but I believe people from NZ and overseas will pay good money to travel on the Napier to Gisborne scenic rail line. This rail line has so much potential but KiwiRail cannot see it and they are stopping others with the vision to bring it to fruition.
    Kind regards,
    Barry Pulford

  7. This line if reopened would prove to be one of the most money making lines in the country, and to also prove to the goverment that this was a line well worth saving, but with this goverment and its very negative feelings towards rail in NZ, they are after the RUC for the welfare state.
    These guys trying to get this line reopened are forward thinking people, and have a pasion not only for rail, but for this country, and for the out regions.
    I wish the goverment gave a dam about the out laying provinces, this is the ony real way for Gisborn to get ahead, the road cannot handle the trucks up there, good on you guys.

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