FRONZ & Taieri Gorge Railway Endorsments

The Napier to Gisborne railway holds a special importance for many of our members as a very scenic and historic railway with potential for tourism operations. Our mainline operators have in the past, run regular and successful charters and excursions on the Napier to Gisborne railway line which has the potential to increase if the line is reopened.

The Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand (FRONZ) must stress the importance of retaining railways in the regions for tourism and regional growth and this line has vast potential for both tourism and freight.

Grant Craig
Federation of Railway Organisations of NZ



We hope for the region of Hawke’s Bay that every consideration is given to reopening and operating the railway which in the future has so much potential for growth. The railway gives the region an alternative to road, tourism opportunities and the means to transport bulk amounts of the regions resources to the port and further afield.

Taieri Gorge Railway proves that a council controlled company with good management and backing can operate a successful railway for the benefit of the region, The potential of the Napier to Gisborne Railway Line in freight and tourism cannot be overstated and can have significant flow on effects to the local port, businesses and accommodation.

Murray Bond
Chief Executive Officer
Taieri Gorge Railway

Thank you KiwiRail

The Napier-Gisborne Railway Shortline Establishment Group appreciates the regular KiwiRail checking of the line and clearing of a number of slips and drains over the last several months.

Gisborne Rail Action Group Presentation

Thank you to the Gisborne Rail Action Group for this Power Point presentation on the economic opportunities that a revived rail infrastructure might have for the region.



New Zealand First Supports The Napier Gisborne Line

New Zealand First and Winston Peters Transport Policy underlines the need for Rail.

Quotes of interest include:

  • “The Napier-Gisborne line will be back in business with New Zealand First.”
  • There Will Always Be A Place For Rail”
  • “Transport is vital as it is fundamental both for a well-functioning society and a thriving economy.”
  • “Our policy will guide transport planning and investment, with the goal of building an integrated transport system.”
  • “Our transport policy will give rail a real and valued role in the total transport mix.”
  • “Among the first projects funded under RONI will be the restoration of the Gisborne-Napier line.”

You can view NZF’s transport policy here 

Support The Line!

This line is a strategic link from Port of Napier to Wairoa and Gisborne for both timber and produce for export markets as well as general goods.

This asset should not be lost to the Hawke’s Bay region, as once pulled up, it will never be replaced.